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New Vogue, Old Time & Modern Sequence

Dance Dvd's

Many of Alexandria's DVD's listed on this site have been removed due
to a dispute between ISDC/BBL & Alexandria's over copyright issues.
These DVD's will not be re-instated or sold through this site.

Item ANV002

This set of 3 DVD's shows walkthroughs & full dances of some popular dances including the 
New Vogue Waltz & The Alpine Stroll. Each dvd covers 8 dances. Walkthroughs & dances
danced by well known professional dancers and instructors Sandra & Bill from Alexandria's.

Waltz Dvd Foxtrot Dvd Latin Dvd
Item ANV002  -  Walkthrough Set

Dvd 1 Waltz: Catherine - Engagement - New Vogue Mod Wltz - Saga - Silver - Woodside - Tracie Leigh NV - Twilight NV 
Dvd 2 Schottische & Rumba: Banyan Blues - Barclay Blues - Red Rose Saunter - White Diamond Foxtrot            
Alpine Stroll - Miami Rumba - Queen of
Hearts Rumba - Rainbow Rumba
Dvd 3 Latin Style:
Black Knight Tango - LaBomba - Serida Tango -Tangoette - Tango Terrific - Paso Madrid                
Katrina Samba - Jacqualine Cha Cha

$38 per set - includes postage within Australia
You get the full set of 3 dvds for $38

   Item ANV100   

This set of 3 DVD's covers walkthroughs & full dances of more popular dances including the 
Emmerdale Waltz & the Balmoral Blues. Each dvd covers 8 dances. Walkthroughs & dances
danced by well known professional dancers and instructors Sandra & Bill from Alexandria's.
Dancers all over Australia are now dancing the Anna- Lisa Waltz. Are You?

Alexandria Set 5
Alexandria Set 6
Item ANV100  -  Walkthrough Set

Dvd 1 Waltz: Alpha - Emmerdale - Lucille NV Wltz - Harmonie - Honeysuckle - Swing NV Wltz - Anna-Lisa - Sarah's 
Dvd 2 Blues & Foxtrots: Balmoral Blues - Riverside Blues - Excelsior Schottische - Merrilyn Schottische          
Carousel Schottische - Chairmaine Schottische - Festival Glide/Jive - Idaho Foxtrot

Dvd 3 Latin, Quickstep & Swing:
Sally Ann Cha - Mambo Magic - Rumba d'Armour -Rosa's Rumba        
Helena Quickstep - Mayfair Quickstep - Sydney Swing - Chicago Swing

$38 per set - includes postage within Australia
You get the full set of 3 dvds for $38

Dvds with 8 full dances & walkthroughs on each dvd now available
$18 per dvd - includes postage within Australia
Volume 2

Item ANV009

Greenwood Waltz
Sunset Rumba
Disaronno Tango
White Diamond Foxtrot
Mambo Jambo
Christiana Cha Cha
Boogie Woogie Jive
Catherine's Waltz


Item ANV012

Presentation Waltz
Four Winds Foxtrot
New Vogue Quickstep
Woodside Waltz
Miami Rumba
Platinium Saunter
Alpine Stroll
Serida Tango

Volume 5

Item ANV015

Rumba d'Amour
Silver Waltz
Fuschia Foxtrot
Italia Tango
Imperial Foxtrot
Millenium Waltz
Paradise Cha Cha 
Golden Fan Foxtrot

Volume 30
Item ANV044

Rumba Dubai
Cottonwood Cha 
Talisman Tango
Sun Samba
Boogie Swing
Fire Opal Foxtrot
Rumba Mimosa
Sycamore Swing

Volume 32 Item ANV046

Ballerina Blues
Raithwaite Rumba
Eden Waltz
Bombay Jive
Bambi Blues
Turnbull Tango
Caribbean Foxtrot
Killarney Waltz

Volume 33

Item ANV050

Soho Swing
Elderberry Quickstep
Saunter Serena
Ruby Jive
Orlando Cha Cha
Rumba Dedication
Spanish Tango
Balmoral Blues

Volume 36 Item ANV053

Charmaine Schottische
Key Quickstep
Tanzanite Quickstep
Tamarack Tango
Rumba Nevada
Safron Swing
Blue Mambo
Merrilyn Schottische

Volume 40
Item ANV081

Tuxedo Jive
Rumba Magnolia
Qin'Aide Cha Cha
Sheldan Saunter
White City Waltz
Tango Eclipse
Snowberry Foxtrot
Melba Blues

Volume 43 Item ANV084

Blanco Cha Cha
Loui-Ann Rumba
Brandy Blues
Emma's Saunter
Toscana Tango
Chile Pine Cha Cha
Kelham Quickstep
Anniversary Waltz

$18 each dvd - includes postage within Australia
* All prices shown include the cost of postage to anywhere within Australia *

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7 Obadiah Pl
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A/c No:  428007174
A/c Name:  Peter McBrien

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